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Improving Throughput, Recovery and Efficiency in Mineral Processing Plants

Are you ready to take your operation to the next level and leverage the power of data?  We are experts in value invention by leveraging the latest hardware & software technologies with operational expertise

MillSlicer mill vibration technology

Mill Vibration Technology

Vibration sensors and digital signal processing to output
– A charge toe position
– Inlet, shell and outlet fill vectors
– Measure of charge impact intensity (liner damage level)

Cynoprobe Online Free and WAD Cyanide Online Analyser

Cyanide Measurement

Automate WAD cyanide analysis with no picric acid

– Not impacted by interferences like copper
– Quick measurement time
– Silver nitrate is not required for Free CN analysis
– Low maintenance, robust components

VIP Data Platform

Our VIP Data Platform, instrumentation & advanced process control solutions are aimed at improving the economic objectives of minerals processing plants globally.


Flotation Instrumentation


Cyanide Control


Carbon Control

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