VIP Data Platform

Integrating people and processes across the value chain

Value chains in mining operations have become increasingly complex with many internal and external stakeholders interacting at various points.  For mining operations to maximise profitability they will need to leverage the latest in digital technology to increase efficiency, lowering operating costs and improving safety.

We bring together technology, equipment, systems and processes within the mineral processing sector through our  VIP Data  Platform.


Process IQ understand that each operation is unique and we believe in developing specialised solutions tailored to our client’s needs.

We encourage all stakeholders (mining companies, consultants and suppliers) to apply a systematic data-driven and multi-disciplinary approach to facilitate the development of effective and sustainable solutions with expert domain knowledge.


Collaborative environment

We bring together people, technology and processes by creating an integrated, collaborative and responsive environment through our VIP Data platform.  Breaking down data silos and enhancing the flow of information promotes collaboration within an operation.

The VIP Data Platform promotes collaboration by allowing for multidirectional flow of standardised information from a centralised location to and from the various stakeholders. The result is a total value add to the operation that goes far beyond that of the sum of the value added by each of the stakeholders had they operated individually.

Improved decision making

The VIP Data Platform collects data from multiple sources allowing for the seamless integration of technology, equipment, systems and processes across the value chain.  Harnessing knowledge and wisdom of domain experts and applying advanced data analytic techniques (machine learning and artificial intelligence) have allowed us to develop highly effective and intuitive data analytic and visualisation tools on the platform.

This data-driven approach to solving problems enhances the decision-making ability of our clients ensuring their operations are adaptable and highly responsive to change (proactive rather than reactive).

Continuity in knowledge

High employee turn-over, lack of expertise and non-standardised and decentralised data all result in a discontinuity of process knowledge in operations.  The VIP Platform is a repository of information, capturing events and changes that occurred, thereby promoting continuity in the knowledge and wisdom obtained from past experiences.

Our platform utilises a collaborative, iterative and flexible delivery model to ensure new innovations and knowledge can be effectively applied.

Remote Access to Expertise

The VIP Data Platform allows for remote access to real-time standardised data obtained from the site.  It also allows for our clients to share their information with various experts from around the world to promote remote consulting opportunities within the organisation

Management of Change & Change Management

The availability of standardised information within an organisation also facilitates the management of change and the change management process ensuring that all employees are effectively engaged on a conceptual front (higher ranking) and at a granular front (lower ranking).

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