Efficiency and Recovery for Gold Plants


The challenges faced by typical gold plants include declining head grades, challenging ore types, poor process control and instrumentation, and therefore are often deriving low margins. Process IQ can assist in recovery and efficiency of a gold plant by improving the following:
Improved recovery:

  • Optimising Leach Kinetics: CN/DO ratio, pH, agitation/mixing, carbon adsorption – reduced soluble gold losses and residence time
  • Optimising Process Control: control of CN concentration to setpoint, reject disturbances, improve carbon movement, improve detox: reduce WAD CN in tails and improve operation of leach feed & tails thickeners (density, reagent & flocculent control)


Improved efficiency:

  • Reduced carbon attrition
  • Reduced cyanide consumption
  • Reduced DO losses

Metallurgical Reviews
Process IQ offers metallurgical test work reviews covering Cyanide Detox Efficiency reviews and Gold Leach Kinetics Studies.


Advanced Instrumentation
The Cynoprobe is an online cyanide analyser that offers the functionality to measure both ‘free’ and weak acid dissociable (WAD) cyanide concentration of up to three streams or sampling points.

The C² Meter online Carbon Analyser continuously measures carbon concentration in the tank to reduce carbon losses through early detection of carbon screen leakage.


Advanced Process Control
LeachStar Advanced Process Control (APC) improves gold plant efficiency and recovery through robust strategies for:

  • Leach feed control / Thickener stabilisation and optimisation
  • Leaching control: Cyanide concentration, pH, DO
  • Carbon management by optimising carbon transfer
  • Detox control: WAD Cyanide concentration

LeachStar APC not only reduces gold and carbon losses, but also saves the plant up to 20% on reagent consumption.


LeachStar logo for Advanced Process Control for efficiency and recovery for gold plants to reduce cyanide consumption and carbon losses

Improvements through our VIP Data Platform

The VIP Data Platform comprises of hardware and software facilities that assist and support applications for our clients using the internet or on-site network to connect devices and equipment.

C2 Meter Online Carbon Measurement

Advanced Process Control

LeachStar – Advanced Process Control to reduce cyanide consumption and carbon losses


Online Cyanide Measurement

Cynoprobe – fast online measurement of Free and WAD Cyanide

MillSlicer Mill Vibration Technology

Carbon Measurement

C2 Meter – continuous carbon concentration intank measurement with no moving parts

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