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Efficiency and Recovery for Gold Plants



Advanced Process Control

LeachStar – Advanced Process Control to reduce cyanide consumption and carbon losses
Blue Cube MQi

pH, DO and ORP Liquid Analysis

Turtle Tough – Improved measurement accuracy and process control

Online Cyanide Analysis

Cynoprobe – fast online measurement of Free and WAD Cyanide
MillSlicer Mill Vibration Technology

Carbon Measurement

C2 Meter – continuous carbon concentration intank measurement with no moving parts

LeachStar improves gold plant efficiency and recovery through robust strategies for:

  • Leach feed control / Thickener stabilisation and optimisation
  • Leaching control: Cyanide concentration, pH, DO
  • Carbon management by optimising carbon transfer
  • Detox control: WAD Cyanide concentration

LeachStar not only reduces gold and carbon losses, but also saves the plant up to 20% on reagent consumption.

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