Blue Cube MQi Hydromet Analyser

In-line Measurement of Ionic Species


The Blue Cube MQi Hydromet Analyser technology is based on absorption spectroscopy, combined with proprietary chemometric techniques, adapted for the measurement of solutions in hydro-metallurgical applications. The technology is implemented to provide fast and reliable in-line measurements that enables control, rapid stabilisation and optimisation of a metallurgical process.

Blue Cube MQi in-line applications, covering a range of minerals from heavy mineral sands to various precious metals and base metals, are already operating in a variety of locations across Southern Africa and in Australia. The system has been independently evaluated by leading role players in the mining industry.

Hydrometallurgical Plants

The initial stage in hydrometallurgical plants is leaching. During the leaching process undesirable species may also go into solution. The leachate then needs purification to eliminate these undesirable contaminants. Processes for solution concentration and purification may include:

  • Precipitation
  • Cementation
  • Solvent extraction
  • Ion exchange



Recovery of the valuable component is the final stage of the hydrometallurgical process. Aqueous phase contamination can cause contamination of the final product, thus leading to a lower realisable selling price of the valuable product.  The leached solutions going to the recovery process must thus conform to certain minimum contaminant specifications.  Ideally, the concentrations of these contaminants should be monitored in-line in real time.

By using the Blue Cube technology, reliable ionic species concentration information is made available in real time. It is a new method for rapidly determining in-line ionic species concentration, enabling automatic control and rapid stabilisation of hydrometallurgical processes. The Blue Cube MQi Hydromet requires a clear solution for measurement and is engineered to withstand an aggressive acidic or alkaline environment.




  • Measures ionic species concentration continuously, fast and accurately
  • Real-time measurement of various components such as Cu²+, Fe²+, Fe³+
  • Prevents contaminants reaching the metal recovery process
  • Prevents downtime due to a contaminated tank
  • Reduces reagent usage
  • Plant adjustments are based on facts, not intuition
  • Inherently safe technology
  • Effective Process Control
  • The process can be stabilised rapidly after an interruption


The concentration of ionic species in solutions is measured in-line and in real-time. The technology used is inherently safe and based on absorption spectroscopy combined with proprietary chemometric techniques. The Blue Cube MQi Hydromet Analysers are suitable for installation in any plant environment and in process lines of any diameter.


With exceptional availability, a Blue Cube MQi Hydromet Analyser avails data reliably at 15 second intervals. The fast data enables stabilisation through closed loop process control. The automatic manipulation of process parameters enables control in a wide variety of hydromet processes such as leaching, solvent extraction, iron exchange and purification.


An example of where the Blue Cube MQi Analyser can be applied for optimisation is the minimisation of impurities in a purification process.

Installation of the Blue Cube MQi Hydromet Analyser is quick, easy and requires only minor mechanical alterations. The instrument is calibrated against XRF or ICP analysis. Calibration of the unit is done remotely and the calibration files are uploaded to the system via an Internet link.

The Blue Cube MQi technology can be installed at a relatively low cost and imposes very low operating costs. Process IQ provides an ongoing product support service.

Laterite Ni concentrators

  1. Ni  (dissolved)
  2. Co (dissolved)
  3. Other dissolved species

Copper and Nickel Hyromet plants

  1. Dissolved Cu (Copper) to control Zinc dust to control the Copper cementation process.

Sulfide gold concentrators around Autoclave

  1. Dissolved Fe in concentrate to optimize autoclave operation.
  2. Carbonates in Autoclave feed.

Copper Refining

  1. Cu content of liquors in the electrolytic process of copper refining



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