Like the MillSlicer, the TriSlicer has been developed for the mining industry, specifically for use on SAG/AG mills.

TriSlicer is an upgrade of the hugely successful MillSlicer instrument, with two additional shell mounted vibration sensors, providing three cross sections along the length of the mill, with a corresponding toe angle, liner damage level and fill level vector for each of the cross sections.

The signals can be used to help the mill operator to increase throughput and reduce the energy consumption per ton. The three cross sections also provides insights about the flow of material through the mill.

The comprehensive 360° mill vibration analysis is displayed as three real-time polar plots for optimising mill operation in manual control.


Minimise Downtime by Reducing Liner Damage

Optimised Mill Throughput

Optimise Efficiency (kWh/ton)

Reduced Grind Size Variability


  • Real-time charge striking position on the mill shell.
  • Enable better mill control.
  • Ethernet interface for quick/easy calibration and informative real-time graphics.
  • PC/Excel file historical data facilitates analysis to estimate mill liner wear.
  • Remote as well as onsite global support through offices by experienced engineers.

A product by Molycop

Compared to acoustic sensors, the TriSlicer provides the following advantages:

  • Robust and reliable – acoustic not ideal for the mining environment due to dust and water/slurry spills.
  • 5 measurement points with 360° of information for each of the three shell mounted sensors.
  • Zero cross talk (no influence from other mills and equipment).
  • More accurate and comprehensive measurements.
  • Low maintenance.

Click here to download the TriSlicer brochure

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