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SPARTA Rock Size Distribution



SPARTA Rock Size Distribution is a online particle size analyser (PSA) system that provides a real-time particle size distribution (PSD), F80, as well as total volumetric flow.  A quantitative estimate of very fine material, which is important to keep in balance with the coarse material to ensure optimal mill performance, is made possible by comparing the total volume to the segmented volume.

There is an industry need for process engineers to have early detection of a change in their process. Early warning can signal upstream problems or possible downstream ramifications.Typical applications where an online particle size analyser may be used are:

  • Size distribution for Mill feed into AG or SAG mills
  • Crusher Performance monitoring
  • ROM feed into a plant
  • Final Product Control.
  • Oversize detection.

To maximise the benefit of the SPARTA system it is advised that it is incorporated into the mill control philosophy or notification and alarm system for oversize detection. Observation and analysis of the mill operation and the response of the SPARTA signals is required to determine the best control strategy. Process IQ can provide a separate proposal to assist with analysing the signals and implementing the measurements in an advanced control system, i.e. MillStar, upon request. 


  • Continuous visibility on the product rock size distribution state enabling efficient, real-time monitoring and quality control
  • Optimise milling control
  • Enables effective mine-to-mill optimisation
  • Reduce crusher downtime through oversize detection and notification
  • Industrial cameras / profile lasers
  • Housing IP67
  • Camera-based standard with powerful LED lights



  • PSD/Volume/Oversize
  • Primary crusher blast fragmentation feedback
  • Primary crusher oversize protection
  • Ore Characteristics
  • Screening efficiency
  • Product quality
  • Reduction rations, wear and gap settings


  • PSD/Volume/Oversize
  • Mill fill estimation
  • Ore Characteristics
  • Blending
  • Milling efficiency

Please contact for further information

  • Various image processing techniques and images for robust PSD
  • Traditional sampling manual, error prone and statistically problematic
  • Multiple commodities including coal
  • ROM with large PSD variations to product streams

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