Real Time Fragmentation Measurement


Rock IQ uses image analysis to measure coarse particle size of material on a conveyor belt. The algorithm attempts to find the outlines of each rock in the image and then calculates the size from the best fitting ellipse for each rock identified.

The result is a Particle Size Distribution (PSD) which is a measure of the fragmentation of the ore.

Measurements are continuous and results are available immediately for use as control variables. Process IQ has extensive experience with control solutions and can assist to integrate these measurements into a control system for improved operation.

RockIQ was also designed to integrate directly with the ProcessIQ solutions including MillStar APC control and MillSlicer VIP (a component of MillROC). Pairing fragmentation information with impact measurements from MillSlicer enables advanced optimisation of the mill operation.

Data is collected in a time-series database and is available for analysis in the VIP or as an output via to the plant SCADA / Historian through OPC.


The benefits of the system depend on where the fragmentation is measured. Typical locations on a processing plant include:

  • Primary Crusher Discharge
  • Secondary / Tertiary Crusher Discharge
  • Pebble Crusher Product
  • Mill Feed

Measurements from the Primary Crusher Discharge will help to ensure this runs optimally. Changes to the crusher gap, for example through wear, can be identified from the fragmentation information. The finer particle fraction also provides information on the effectiveness of blasting.

A typical measurement for most plants is the mill feed. The fragmentation of the mill feed is an important criterion affecting the operation of the mill. Control systems can use this measurement to adjust the mill operation depending on the particle size of the ore that is fed. If the ore is reclaimed from a segregated stockpile, the fragmentation measurements can be used to ensure the optimal blend reaches the mill.

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