The hydrocyclone classifier forms an integral part of the milling circuit. The overall performance of the milling circuit depends directly on the performance of the hydrocyclone classifier. Plant operators have traditionally used the shape of the hydrocyclone underflow to assess the overall efficiency of the milling circuit – the CyLas provides this information on-line.


Principal of Operation

CyLas, a product from Mintek, is an online instrument measuring the hydrocyclone underfow discharge angle.  It uses a laser device to measure the distance from a fixed point (where it is mounted) to a point on the hydrocyclone underflow discharge. The distance is then related to the underflow discharge angle with the aid of trigonometric manipulations. Because of its non-contact nature and rugged construction, the CyLas is an inherently low-maintenance instrument.


  • Provided advanced warning of unfavourable operating conditions
  • Ensure efficient classification by operating the cyclone at optimum discharge flare angle
  • Optimum classification with real time information while monitoring the cyclone efficiency
  • Reduces the number of instances and the duration that a hydrocyclone exhibits roping behaviour
  • Assist in the automated switching of individual cyclones in a cyclone clusters
  • Low-maintenance due to its non-contact nature and robust construction
The CyLas device is mounted in such a way that the laser is not more than 30 m away from the target measuring surface. The CyLas requires a direct line of sight to the underflow flare. The most convenient position for it is on the outside of the underflow box. This would allow easy of access to it for calibration and adjusting the position.

Specification Characteristics

Operating Operating Temperature    -10°C to 50°C
Laser Protection Class IP65
Performance Range of measurement 0° to 30°
Accuracy ±  1.2° over 20° angle
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