Cement MillScan is a next-generation instrument used to increase profitability of a cement-producing operation by increasing throughput and reducing energy costs.
Cement MillScan uses vibration-based technologies to measure mill volume fills in single, double, or triple compartment mills at high frequency allowing efficient manual or automated expert control of the milling circuit.

With more than 400 installations globally and 15 years of experience, Process IQ’s Cement MillScan is the global leader in mill vibration technologies.

Cement MillScan

Optimised Milling

Optimal milling happens at the peak of the mill to power curve where steel balls impact the toe of the load as illustrated in E. Most operations run closer to A thus expending more energy required and damaging liners in the process.

Cement MillScan provides the necessary measurements to operate a ball mill at optimal power to load ratio maximizing throughput, minimizing energy consumption, and maximizing liner life.

Process IQ’s Advanced Process Control solutions also provide the necessary technologies to automate control with the input from the Cement MillScan to achieve optimized milling.


  • Precise mill fill level measurement that can be used to increase the ROI of your existing mill.
  • Zero cross talk from adjacent (nearby) mills.
  • All digital system, no component drift, not affected by temperature, dust or dirt as is the case in typical mic based systems.
  • 4-20mA output for traditional automated loop control in the production control room.
  • 3X resolution when compared to microphone-based systems.
  • Fast and easy installation that typically can be performed in less than two hours and does not require mill shutdown.
  • A quick calibration procedure that can be performed in less than 5 minutes per sensor when the mill is operating under normal conditions. i.e. The mill is filled to a level that is used in normal ‘day to day’ production.
  • Signal sensitivity changes can be made very quickly without re-calibrating the unit.



Maximise Efficiency

Help run your mill efficiently to reduce liner damage

Minimise Downtime

Live data of what’s in your mill and early warning of potential blockages

Reduce Opex

Reduce ball consumption/ton milled.  Reduce liner wear by operating the mill at an optimal fill level.

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