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Dissolved Oxygen Sensor



When it comes to dissolved oxygen technology, Turtle Tough offers the best of ALL worlds. Each technology has it’s advantages and disadvantages. As such we offer the very best in each measurement type including galvanic, amperometric and optical.

The Turtle Tough TT-GP-DO Dissolved Oxygen sensor has a robust, high stability, thick membrane covered self-polarizing active style galvanic cell that generates a millivolt electrical signal proportional to the oxygen pressure it senses. The sensor probe is very rugged, easy to use and a proven solution for measurements for tough industrial, municipal, environmental and aquaculture and for other difficult service condition applications.


  • Continuous measurement
  • Conducive to abrasive slurries
  • High turbidity
  • Robust 
  • Effective analysis of DO in slurry
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Measurement Range 0-600 percent (%) saturation, 0-60 ppm range (Lowest Limit 0.1ppm)
Operating Temperature -5 to +50 °C (+23 to +122 °F)
Body Type Immersion ¾” x ¾”MNPT Twist Lock 1” MNPT Sanitary & HOT-TAP ¾” MNPT
Temperature Element Standard with Pt1000 temperature sensor
DO Measuring Cell Material of Construction DELRIN® (Polyoxymethylene, POM)
Sensor Body Material of Construction RYTON® R-4-230BL (Poly-Phenylene-Sulfone, PPS)
Cable Length Without Preamplifier Standard 3 meters, Max is 15 meters
Cable Length With Integral Preamplifier Standard 3 meters, Max is 100 meters
Measurement Principle: Galvanic cell, self polarizing (active type) & internally self temperature compensating
Signal Response Wetted in Solution Slope (span) is 1mV to 5mV per DO ppm depending on exact conditions
Signal Response Dry in Air 10mV to 40mV depending on exact conditions
Signal Response Time Typically 10 to 20 seconds near ambient (response time is temperature dependent)
Signal Response Resolution 1% saturation absolute
Signal Response Repeatability Typically ±1% of actual measurement under the exact same conditions
Calibration Slope (span) determined from automatic dry in air calibration. No zero calibration required for true galvanic DO cell.
Initial Impedance Without Preamplifier < 2 MegaOhms @ 25°C
Initial Impedance With Preamplifier < 2 KiloOhms @ 25°C
Flow Requirements, Water Minimum flow dependent on DO and temperature, typically 1 cm/sec, suitable for most uses

Special Features

  • Thick-wall TEFLON™ (PTFE) membrane ensures very high stability, low-drift and high durability in aggressive industrial applications & minimizes frequency of membrane replacement
  • No special maintenance needed. Just wipe the membrane periodically as required.
  • Galvanic dissolved oxygen cell with true zero means only a slope (span) calibration performed clean and dry in air is required.
  • No wet solution calibration is ever needed and so no calibration solutions are ever required for calibration.
  • No look-up tables are needed since the TT-DO transmitter computes the dissolved oxygen ppm value associated with the 100 percent saturation dry in air condition used for calibration at the current measured temperature (from integral Pt element) and the user entered atmospheric pressure. The automatic calibration mode autoreads the mV potential and then assigns the proper slope (span) mV per ppm response for the sensor. Manual calibration mode is also available if the fully automatic calibration mode is not desired.
  • Membrane and electrolyte solution are simple to replace allowing for extremely low ongoing cost of ownership and a theoretically unlimited service lifetime
  • Sensor is not sensitive to hydrogen sulphide gas
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Correct measurements with flow as low as 1 cm/s making it suitable for most any common installation type
  • Low maintenance – clean water applications: calibration stability up to 1 year at a time with membrane lasting 3 to 5 years. More aggressive applications will require more frequent servicing

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