Gold Leach Kinetics



On many gold plants, leach performance is directly determined by gold leach kinetics: Residence times are limited – often due to throughput exceeding plant name plate capacity.


Why do a Gold Leach Kinetics Project?

Certain aspects of your leaching circuit need to be analysed to understand the hidden benefit in gold leach kinetcis.

There are several reasons why a gold leach kinetics project should be undertaken such as:

  • To increase gold recovery (1 to 5% range)
  • Determine if pre-Oxidation will be beneficial
  • Specify the right O2 & NaCN dosage/control equipment
  • Size the O2 equipment correctly
  • Adjust leach to optimal NaCN to DO Ratio (for max kinetics)
  • Select better setpoints for both DO and CN to optimise kinetics and reduce NaCN consumption
  • Determine feed material O2-demand and CN-demand
  • Conduct scenario calculations (leach modelling) for different feed blends – current and future


  • Optimal adjustment of NaCN : DO Ratio
  • Reduced cyanide consumption
  • Increased throughput
  • Improved gold recovery


Martin Verster is a consultant for Process IQ based in South Africa, specialising in Au-Leach Kinetics in leaching circuits for over 12 years.

  • He has provided many gold mines with reporting and insight into:
    characterisation of feed ores (O2 & CN demands)
  • cyanide and oxygenation dosage systems (audit & specification) and
  • determination of optimal NaCN & DO ratios to maximize kinetics
Martin Verster - Gold Leach Kinetics Consultant

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