Cyanide Detoxification Efficiency


Randy Agius is a consultant for Process IQ based in Canada, specialising in Cyanide Detoxification Efficiency on gold plants.

Randy has over 45 years of professional experience in the mining industry and is one of the pioneers of cyanide detox technology having worked for 32 years with INCO, (Vale) and is recognised as the global knowledge leader in this field. He has been responsible for over 65 global installations of full-sized cyanide detox plants.


  • Help to improve gold recovery and efficiency
  • Optimise cyanide destruction processes to meet permitting requirements
  • Detox test more cost-effective with identified detox circuit conditions


The following work has been undertaken to date:

  • Pioneered the development and maturation of game-changing cyanide destruction technology known as the INCO SO2/air Process
  • Manage metallurgical laboratory personnel to ensure testwork is conducted accurately and safely
  • Provide leadership to metallurgical technical leads to develop effective research plans and testwork strategies, troubleshoot technical issues, and interpret results
  • Design and manage all cyanide detox testwork programs
  • Assessed and optimized cyanide destruction operations worldwide to ensure detox circuits are cost-effective and satisfy all permitting requirements
  • Trained laboratory personnel on technical procedures to ensure quality research output
  • Developed bench-scale test strategies and plans to efficiently identify optimal detox circuit conditions applicable for full-scale plant design

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