StarCS, a product from Mintek, is an open plant-wide control platform with a wide ranging and versatile set of tools aimed at process stabilisation and optimisation. Using the latest technology in both software and advanced process control, StarSC has been developed as an adaptable and operator-friendly control system that integrates all the control systems (MillStar, FloatStar etc.)

Although StarCS was developed specifically for the metallurgical process industry, it can be used to control any industrial process. StarCS incorporates a layered approach, which enables implementation of just about any controller. The versatility of this control platform stems from the use of OPC communication, an International standard procedure for the process industry.

New modules are continually being developed for use on StarCS to offer process-specific solutions to our clients.

Below is an extract of the solution we offer, implementing StarCS with relevant process control.


  • Open, plant-wide control platform
  • Advanced process stabilisation and optimisation control
  • improved productivity
  • Versatile control platform

The use of classical controllers is not limited to customising specialised Mintek control systems, but also gives the client the flexibility of
implementing simple control on any process using the StarCS control platform. The following classical controllers are available:
• PID control, incorporating intelligent windup prevention at limits.
• Ratio control, including corrective action if the ratio setpoint cannot be achieved.
• Deadbeat control: Model based control calculating a control action that will ensure that the setpoint is reached within a specified time.
• Feed Forward control, based on user-defined process characteristics.

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Accurate model fitting and proper controller tuning is crucial in ensuring optimum controller performance. Automating the process of model fitting and tuning not only reduces the commissioning time, but also simplifies the subsequent retuning due to circuit changes or other  actors degrading controller performance.  Mintek’s SID tool fits models to recorded data and calculates suggested tuning parameters. It also forms the basis for customised, online autotuners for specific controllers.

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