Process IQ: Best Presentation Sponsor at the DURO DE MOLER Conference in Chile

by Mar 30, 2022Events, Sponsorship0 comments

Process IQ is extremely proud to have been the Sponsor for the Best Presentation at the DURO DE MOLER Conference in Viña del Mar, Chile. The photos below show the great success that this event was for us and all other companies involved in it.
Congratulations to our Process Technology Consultant, Bruno Paiva who did a great job representing Process IQ in the best way possible.

Process IQ is taking steps towards building a strong presence in Chile and South America. For mining companies, who want to optimise their mineral processing, our solutions will produce a step change in productivity. Unlike other METS companies, we offer a turnkey holistic approach that drives change through measurement technology, advanced control and domain expert advice.

Process IQ’s vision is to optimise minerals processing circuits globally to reduce wastage and ensure we use our natural resources in an efficient and sustainable manner.
We aim to contribute to this goal by combining measurement, control, data visualisation, analytics, domain expertise and excellent client support to deliver improvements in sustainability, throughput, recovery, efficiency.

Congratulations Bruno Paiva and the whole Mentoris Congresos y Cursos Técnicos team for an amazing outcome!