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Management Information Systems



A Management Information System (MIS) provides you with data capture, management, and analytical capabilities to help generate improved decision-making. ​Plant supervisors can view individual historical data for machines, process equipment, or production lines on demand. Production supervisors can analyze batch operations for an individual site against ente​rprise-wide corporate production parameters. Enterprise managers can compare KPIs among locations. This application helps locate and correct sources of inefficiencies quickly. This helps you manage manufacturing consistency, energy use, first-pass quality, and other factors that can improve the bottom line.

Real-time access to reliable information is the key to improving productivity and efficiency. When you know what’s happening on the plant floor, you can make better decisions—about process, time and material management—whatever key performance indicators (KPIs) you’ve identified as contributing to your continuous improvement objectives. The expanded capabilities of FactoryTalk® Historian SE provide you with the data capture, management and analytical capabilities to help provide for improved decision-making, driving better results all the way to the bottom line.

FactoryTalk Historian from Rockwell Automation is one of the packages we support.  It is an integrated toolkit for obtaining real-time process and production information. The platform supplies complex manufacturing data to a centralized location, providing insight into performance parameters from a single subassembly, to a production line, and across the enterprise.


  • Improve processes through the ability to analyze complex process data more easily
  • Reduce variability by verifying production parameters versus targets/norms
  • Respond to information requests from customers or regulators more easily through the maintenance of an accessible online record
  • Decrease overhead costs by saving time in collecting data and preparing reports
  • Reduce deployment of new systems by using automatic discovery mechanisms to get new equipment data collection configured fast
  • Connect to all equipment and data sources in your plant with Integrated Architecture and significant 3rd-party connectivity capability with FactoryTalk Historian connectors for most equipment in a plant
  • Enable full use of the collected data by using the various capabilities to calculate and aggregate the data collected from the data sources
  • Use a single, rich thin-client platform for all information and reporting requirements such as Microsoft Excel reports, powerful trends, dashboards, and portal access
  • Easy. Automated Install and Configuration
  • Flexible. Inter-operable Data Collection Capabilities
  • Available. Built-in Redundancy
  • Automated. Simplified Calculation Engines and Totalisers
  • Reliable. Accurate Archiving with Optimised Data Store
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