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Carbon Activity Analyser (CAA)



The CAA (Carbon Activity Analyser) is an automated instrument that provides simultaneous, independent measurements of four activated carbon samples with a turnaround time of one hour.  The measurements are performed indirectly by measuring gold or iodine concentration in a solution over a time period during which a sample of carbon will adsorb dissolved gold or iodine. The measured drop in the gold or iodine concentration of the solution over this time, indicates the adsorbent activity of the carbon sample. Potassium aurous-can still be used periodically as a verification for the iodine tests.

The benefits offered by the CAA are the rapid turnaround times of carbon activity analyses, independence in simultaneous measurements, elimination of human error associated with wet chemical analyses, and a dynamic comparison of sample adsorption versus defined threshold curves. Ultimately, the prevention of losses in gold by proper measurement of the adsorption ability of the carbon yields an increase in gold recovery

Leaching Circuit

Below is a typical leaching circuit where the CAA is installed to monitor carbon activity.

Gold leaching circuit


  • Simple, rapid and reliable determination of carbon activity
  • Independent, simultaneous measurements of four samples
  • Dynamic comparison of sample adsorption against defined “threshold” curves
  • Sample measurement time of one hour
  • Human error eliminated
  • Significant time and cost reduction
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal maintenance
Click here to view the CAA brochure.
Click here to read the published article at Heap Leach Mining Solutions 2016 in Lima, Peru.

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