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Perth-based company Process IQ, ideal partner for United States revolutionary mining technology

PERTH, AUSTRALIA, 7th September 2017

Process IQ Pty Ltd, a Perth-based Australian METS company, has been appointed as the exclusive commercialisation partner of new technology developed in the United States that can save energy and maintenance costs in the mining industry.

The track record of Process IQ and its international reputation has directly led to this alliance. The International Trade Administration at the US Department of Commerce in Perth facilitated this commercialisation agreement by identifying the synergies between Digital Control Lab (US-based) and Process IQ (Australian).

The MillSlicer vibration technology has been successfully applied in the US in both the mining and cement industries.  The MillSlicer provides signals that can improve the operation of the mill by measuring how full the mill is, as well as providing alarms of dangerous operating conditions.  This will make the mining industry more sustainable by using less energy per ton processed.

“Process IQ knows exactly what to do with this tool to get the winning result for the mining industry”, states Pieter Strobos, Business Director at Process IQ.  “By using the MillSlicer in auto-pilot type technology for milling circuits, our estimate is that we can improve throughput on a typical mine anywhere from 5 to 10% while increasing mill liner life and reducing the number of shutdowns required. For anyone that does not understand the financial impact this can have, it’s the equivalent of having extra money to buy a new car – every week!”.


L: Donna Carter, International Trade Administration, US Department of Commerce. R: Pieter Strobos, Business Director, Process IQ

Left: Donna Carter, International Trade Administration, US Department of Commerce.

Right: Pieter Strobos, Business Director, Process IQ

The MillSlicer also makes use of the latest lithium-ion battery technology.  This provides a contactless system mounted on the rotating mill shell making signals available wirelessly to the control system.

“We are excited to be partnering with Process IQ who has the reputation, reach and the commitment to deliver this effectively to market” said Karl Gugel, Director for Digital Control Lab in the US.  “Technology is developing faster than ever and both ourselves and Process IQ are actively exploring ways to help the mining industry become more profitable and energy efficient.”

The MillSlicer was successfully launched this week in Perth with several Australian mining companies having already expressed interest in using this product to improve their milling circuit.  Our first implementation is planned for late 2017.


About Process IQ

Process IQ Pty Ltd provides measurement and control solutions to improve throughput, recovery and efficiency for the mining, metallurgical and minerals processing industry globally. We specialise in online mineral, elemental and cyanide analysis, as well as plant optimisation using Advanced Process Control.


About Digital Control Lab

Digital Control Lab has over 15 years expertise in signal processing, computer design and vibration analysis to accurately measure real-time fill level volume, liner and bearing wear for ball mills in mining and cement industries.


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