Flotation Recovery Improvement



Process IQ provides a turn-key solution to improve flotation recovery and achieve accurate grade control in minerals processing plants.

A typical project includes:

  • Plant audit to ascertain the condition of existing plant instrumentation and control and the payback period of an instrumentation and control upgrade.
  • Flotation Pulp level measurement instruments,
  • Slurry Analysers for grade measurements of both elemental and mineralogy.
  • Advanced process control for making use of all available plant measurements for upgrading the recovery performance.

Flotation Circuit


  • Increased Recovery
  • Accurate Grade Control
  • Optimise reagent usage

Advanced Process Control

FloatStar – Advanced Process Control to increase recovery and accurate grade control

Blue Cube MQi

Inline Measurement of Mineral Grade

Blue Cube MQi Slurry Analyser – fast inline mineral and elemental analysis

MillSlicer Mill Vibration Technology

Flotation Measurement

TempoTrack – froth velocity and height measurement


Flotation Level Probe

LTM-2 – Pulp/froth interface with no moving parts

Flotation is a complex, multi-variable, interactive process that needs Advanced Process Control tools to effectively stabilise the operation and optimise grade and recovery within the design-related limitations of the plant. The LTM conductivity level measurement provides a very robust solution to the problem of flotation cell pulp level measurement. The Blue Cube TempoTrack froth recovery measurement can help to optimise flotation cells in terms of the total air recovery of the flotation cell. Blue Cube MQi Slurry Analyser provides a grade measurement system that is unsurpassed in terms of measurement frequency and versatility. FloatStar was specifically developed for this purpose, and include tools like:

  • FloatStar Level Stabiliser and pH Control
  • FloatStar Flow & Grade-Recovery Optimiser
  • FloatStar Reagent Control

Fault detection and controller performance monitoring is part of all the control suites.

Level probe in a flotation cell

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