Blue Cube MQi Dry Analyser

In-line Measurement of Mineral Grade in Dry Streams


Blue Cube’s MQi Dry Analysis technology is based on diffuse reflective and absorption spectroscopy, combined with proprietary chemometric techniques, adapted for the measurement of dry mineral streams, mineral slurries and hydro-metallurgical applications. The technology is implemented to provide fast and reliable in-line measurements, enabling process control, rapid stabilisation and optimised settings of the process equipment. The Blue Cube MQi Analysers avail a continuous signal (updated every 15 seconds) that can be used for process control.

By controlling impurities and ensuring product quality is on target, the installation can result in a significant financial benefit.  As a result of the lower safety and nuclear compliance costs the operating cost is also relatively low. The equipment does not use any significant consumables such as liquid Nitrogen, nor does it require any significant mechanical maintenance.

The installation is insensitive to plant conditions and will not be affected by normal external plant conditions including water or pulp spillage. The availability of the unit is normally close to 100% and only needs to be removed with the annual replacement of light source.



  • Low Capital and Operating Costs
  • Improved Recovery and Grade Control
  • Advanced Process Control with 15 second intervals
  • Automatic Control in Process Changes
  • In-Line and Real-time Data
  • Inherently safe
  • Stabilisation through Closed Loop Process Control


Mineral and elemental grade of dry mineral streams are measured in-line and in real-time. The technology used is inherently safe and based on diffuse reflective spectroscopy combined with proprietary chemometric techniques. MQi Dry Analysers are suitable for installation in any plant environment and in process lines of any diameter.


With exceptional availability, a MQi Dry Analyser avails data reliably at 15 second intervals. The fast data enables stabilisation through closed loop process control. The automatic manipulation of process parameters enables control in a variety of applications such as the heavy minerals industry and smelting operations.


In minerals processing plants, the process equipment that is used for minerals separation need regular adjustment due to to changes in feed and other ever-changing production conditions. These process changes can be made through automatic control to ensure ongoing product specification.

The main components of the Blue Cube MQi Dry Analyser are

  • Data processor
  • Optical processor which houses the spectrometer
  • Dry Scan head with a calibration sampling facility
  • ‘Lunch box’ which facilitates a choke feed for sampling presentation
  • Interface box (variations include a stainless steel casing)
  • Remote used for calibration
  • Bracket for mounting
  • Shock Mounts as a preventative measure for vibration
  • Cabling

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