Process Modelling

Process IQ Pty Ltd has considerable skills and expertise in building steady state and dynamic process models for various applications in the extractive metallurgy industry. Modelling can be used a various stages of the plant life, from feasibility studies, design, operation, expansion through to plant down scaling and de-commissioning.

Steady State (Mass & Energy Balance)

  • Feasibility studies
  • Process Design
  • Scenario testing
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Cost modelling


Dynamic (Transient Simulation)

  • Plant design verification
  • Advanced control system design and testing
  • Process scenario testing (transient behaviour)
  • Detecting and eliminating start-up or shut down problems
  • Surge and availability studies
  • Production scheduling and forecasting
  • Determining the effect of recycle streams on the process, such as the build-up of impurities etc.
  • Developing shipping control strategies
  • Simulating and optimising energy usage
  • •    Product blending simulation
  • •    Improving plant operator training

Engineering tools for:
•    Improving decision making ability during process design and development
•    Optimising process performance and efficiencies
•    Improving knowledge of complex interacting processes
•    Managing process risk control strategies
•    Assisting in troubleshooting process problems and identifying bottlenecks
•    Determining process limitations
•    Improving operating procedures
•    Running what-if scenarios without disturbing the process
•    Testing cost saving strategies
•    Developing and testing plant expansions
•    Efficient plant training