General Control

Process IQ Pty Ltd has a wide range of skills and expertise in designing and commissioning control systems for plant stabilisation and optimisation. Our knowledge is applied to advanced control solutions, using our StarCS products, as well as standard PLC control. We provide ongoing services through annual support agreements and on an ad-hoc basis.

General Process Control Services:

  • P&ID Review
  • Instrumentation auditing
  • Process control auditing
  • Commissioning of control associated instrumentation
  • PLC & SCADA programming and testing
    (Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley and others)
  • Troubleshooting process control problems
  • Optimising controller settings (tuned optimally for process conditions)
  • Design, implementation and commissioning of advanced process control strategies / philosophies
  • Process control & advanced control training


  • Improved process stability
    Easier and more streamlined plant operation
    Better handling of process disturbances, e.g. during plant start-ups and shut-downs
    Better product quality/grade through fine tuning of process variables
    Increased recovery/throughput through optimisation
    Efficient use of reagents and chemical additions
    Built-in process control safety features for treating abnormal plant behaviour