LTM Level Probe


  • Accurate slurry level monitoring, effectively finds the pulp-frot interface
  • Conductive working principle, instead of capacitive that is affected by froth buildup
  • 1% measurement accuracy
  • 1% measurement linearity
  • Near instantaneous measurements (100mS)
  • Extremely stable operation
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Little maintenance is required on the system, much less than conventional systems
  • Instrument rating is IP 69K so very impervious to water, slurry and dust
  • Easy to mount in place
  • Less hardware to install and manage
  • Complete 316 S/S rod constructions and 304 S/S head construction

Operational Comparison

A 1 hour strip chart example provided below from an actual operation demonstrates typical LTM measurement stability vs. a
typical ultrasonic-float ball target measuring assembly. The LTM probe was installed as a ‘follower’ (red trend line) and not tied
into the pulp level control scheme, just provided level monitoring for comparison. The ultrasonic trend line is in green. Note that at
approximately 30 and 45 minutes into the monitoring period, the target striker plate became stuck, causing the dart valves to close
raising, the pulp level. The LTM probe effectively monitored this pulp level change.