BlueCube Tempotrack

The Blue Cube TempoTrack is installed above a flotation cell and can be used together with the MQi Slurry Analyser or independently for real-time optimisation of flotation processes.


The Blue Cube TempoTrack measures the following in real-time:

  • Froth height from the lip of the flotation cell, Hfl
  • Tempo at which the froth runs over the lip of the cell, vf
  • Stability based on the bubble bursting rate

This enables the calculation of the relative air recovery per unit cell lip length.
The Blue Cube TempoTrack units are insensitive to environmental changes and are connected by a mesh wireless
network to a single dual communications gateway that provides a Profibus connection to the PLC.


The Blue Cube TempoTrack can be used in conjunction with an installed MQi Slurry Anlyser or used independently for
the control of a bank of flotation cells.

When used together with the MQi Slurry Analyser, it can determine the significance of the contribution from each of the
flotation cells to the slurry composition.


It is now possible to not only optimise the flotation circuit, but keep it optimised in real-time!