The Cynoprobe offers the functionality to measure both ‘free’ and weak acid dissociable (WAD) cyanide concentration of up to two independent streams. This results in a very cost-effective cyanide measurement solution.

The Cynoprobe uses an amperometric technique to accurately and reliably measure the cyanide concentration in a pulp medium. The Cynoprobe’s fast and reliable measurements allow for rapid detection of changes in cyanide concentration.



Cynoprobe features:

  • Allows for multiplexing of two streams for cyanide measurement.
  • Can be upgraded to measure WAD cyanide as well.
  • Simple, robust and reliable.
  • Fast analysis time (4 minutes), essential for good control.
  • Requires minimal maintenance of the filter probe, automatic air cleaning prolongs the filter maintenance cycles.
  • Automatic calibration and cleaning cycles.
  • Digital display and 4–20mA output.
  • Appropriate for CIP, CIL, RIP, RIL, Heap Leach, Backfill and Cyanide Destruction circuits.
  • Capable of measuring a very wide range of cyanide concentrations (0.5 – 3000 ppm).
  • Measures the pH of the filtrate (optional).


Cynoprobe benefits:

  • Real-time WAD cyanide measurement can minimise the risk of toxicity to bird, animal and human life, and be used to control and optimise the cyanide destruction and recovery process.
  • Dramatic reduction in cyanide consumption when used in a control scheme.
  • Enables compliance with the International Cyanide Code.
  • Provides fast and accurate measurement of cyanide concentration.
  • Results are highly reproducible, thereby eliminating human error found with manual titrations.
  • Minimal running costs.
  • Very low level of maintenance is required and can be performed by relatively unskilled operators.
  • Low risk, safe instrument, measurement at ambient temperature and pressure.