About Process IQ

Process IQ Pty Ltd represents Mintek and Blue Cube Systems in Australasia and Southeast Asia. We specialise in the
installation of advanced instrumentation and control systems for metallurgical processes. Process IQ is based in Perth, Western Australia. The company was funded by its shareholders and has no external debt.

Mintek is the developer of advanced control systems for the minerals industry including, StarCS, FloatStar, MillStar, LeachStar and FurnStar. They also manufacture Cynoprobe, an online instrument for the measurement of free and WAD cyanide for gold plants.

Blue Cube Systems develops and manufactures in-line mineral analysers for applications in mineral beneficiation processes.


About Mintek

Mintek is South Africa’s national mineral research organisation. It was founded in 1934 and has since established itself as one of the world’s leading technology organisations in the mining and minerals industry. Mintek works with industry and other research and development organisations to research, develop, and implement improved technologies in all fields of the minerals and metallurgical sectors. The Mintek head office is situated in Randburg, approximately 15 kilometres north of Johannesburg.

Mintek’s Measurement and Control division specialises in the control and optimisation of mineral and metallurgical processes, with particular areas of expertise being flotation, leaching, milling, and smelting processes. While the division is constantly at the forefront of research and development in these fields, it is also an organised business unit that provides the industry with cutting-edge technology and long-term service to support it. Its process control technologies have been implemented on well over a hundred sites in more than 17 countries worldwide.

The business activities in the Australasian region have expanded to such an extent that a technical office was established in 2003. ProcessIQ Pty Ltd was appointed as Mintek’s Australian Distributor and Agent in 2012. Installations in Australia include the FloatStar, MillStar, and LeachStar control systems, as well as Cynoprobe cyanide analyses instruments.


About Blue Cube

Blue Cube Systems (Pty) Ltd was established in 2001 with the purpose to develop, build and sell fast in-line mineral analysers for application in mineral beneficiation processes. A successful product, branded as the Blue Cube MQi in-line real-time mineral analyser, was developed with the financial support of the South African Innovation Fund and was successfully demonstrated during 2004. The company is located in Stellenbosch, the heartland of the Western Cape wine lands of South Africa. Since then 65 units were sold to clients in the R.S.A., Australia, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Chile. The company was funded by its shareholders and has no external debt.

The Blue Cube MQi product range include models suitable for slurry applications like flotation operations, wet or dry magnetic separation, electrostatic separation, gravity separation and leach operations.

The Blue Cube MQi equipment contains no hazardous component like X-ray generator or radiation sources. Therefore there are no licensing requirements or appointment of responsible person procedures.

The Blue Cube MQi technology is based on reflective spectroscopy for slurry and dry applications and absorption spectroscopy for solutions. Calibration is achieved by comparison of the spectral profile of a sample to that of samples with known composition. An in-line sampler is mounted next to the optical scanner to ensure a close link between the optical scanner and the physical calibration sample. Every Blue Cube MQi is linked to the technical centre of Blue Cube Systems by an internet link that enables remote calibration by specialist technicians.

Blue Cube Systems has recently also developed the Blue Cube TempoTrack, which can be used in conjunction with the MQi analyser or used independently for flotation control and optimisation.

The Blue Cube TempoTrack avails an indication of the relative air recovery in real-time through the measurement of the froth height above the lip as well as the tempo of the froth.

The build quality for all the products are robust and can handle the harsh conditions of a minerals separation plant. Output is by analogue or digital data channels for the Blue Cube MQi products and by profibus for the Blue Cube TempoTrack. The output is updated at 15 second intervals and can follow the process trends closely, satisfying the Nyquist norm for effective process control.